Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Birthday List Blog

My birthday is August 13. For those who want my birthday list it is here. For those blog buddies who might want my address, I will send it to you on request.

Laptop--preferably with wireless modem

Kodak Easy Share DX7590 Digital Camera

IPOD or Dell equivalent

New cell phone with picture taking and text message capabilities


The Simpsons (all seasons)

South Park Episodes

Miami Vice Episodes

Million Dollar Baby

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Ballroom Dance Instructional Videos

Napolean Dynamite


Simpsons stuff

Anything Friar Tuck (check out EBAY)

Anything Jesusy (I already have buddy Jesus and Bobblehead Jesus)

CLOTHES--check with me for sizes

Jerry Garcia ties (extra long)--available at Casual Male Big and Tall Outlets

White dress shirts (can never have enough)

Individual Fit Dockers pants

Bright red dress shirts (wanting 2)

NYSE shirts

Rainbow Flip-Flops (need new pair)--size 15


Tennis Shoes

Beach Shirts


New game of risk

Axis and allies

Pass the Pigs

Scene It



Anything Van Morrison except the new one

Dave Matthews--Crash and American Baby

Forrest Gump Soundtrack

FUNK 1 and FUNK 2 at Walmart

Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits

Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits Volumes 1 and 2

Alabama's Greatest Hits

Harley-Davidson Road Music (Classic Rock Collection)

Notorious BIG--Life After Death

Anything Eminem


Monster--Frank Peretti

The Lazarus Trap--Davis Bunn

Prayer--Karl Barth


The Kite Runner--Khaled Hosseni

.....Queen Laoni by Umberto Eco


Never Eat Alone

All Marketers are Liars

The World is Flat--Friedman


A Walk in the Woods--Bryson

Art Books--Van Gogh and that Catholic sister's collection and Salvador Dali

Other gifts

Jiffy Lube gift certificates]

Best Buy Gift Certificate


Don Tate II said...

Friar,I love your taste in technology, and well...Risk! I havent played that in years. I'll have to get one and teach the little one. You think 3 is too young? Forrest Gump, though...um Ok.

Friar Tuck said...

I think three might be a little young for risk, but concentration might be a good start

Oricon Ailin said...

OOOH...we are only one day apart!!! heheheh Mine is August 14th!!

Risk is an awesome game. My brother and I used to play. One time, he and I had a week long game going, and I only had like three countries left. I did something that got me back Australia, and that was cool on my part. My brother got so mad he hit the table and the game board went flying.

The entire week long game of Risk...well, it was all over the floor. I let him win after that! heheh

Oricon Ailin said...

And Clint, yes, could you email me your address...so I may send you a card???

*pretty please?*