Sunday, January 31, 2010

Loaf and Jug on Sunday

Today has been a busy day. I did my usual leading of Sunday School and church at Fowler First Baptist. Saturday evening and Sunday morning we cleaned house and prepared for houseguests to come. They had to cancel last minute. I also had to lead a nursing home worship service and a book club in the evening.

After coming home from the worship service at the nursing home, I decided that I was going to stop at Loaf n Jug to get some gas. January 31st is the last day that the rewards for purchasing gas at Loaf and groceries at any Kroger affiliate can be redeemed. So I pulled up to collect.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the convienience store had a line two deep to get into fill up with the shopping discount. We staying in line with cars idling for 10 minutes to fill up with a 20 cent a gallon discount.

Usually I don't like rewards cards, but I have been using the King Soupers card at Loaf to get my discount. I think most rewards cards are big brother's way of tracking you. So, I don't like them. But since I bought my gift cards at Loaf for Christmas....the discount was hard to resist.

I was amazed at two things. First, I was interested in how many people were so eager to save just a dollar or two in gas costs. So often we are willing to skimp in savings on one thing or another, but people will go out of their way for miles just to save a cent or two on gas. This always makes me grin.

Second, I find it interesting how many procrastinators there are. Even in our little small town, there was a line to redeem points from Loaf and Jug. Because the greatest number of us will almost always wait until the last possible minute to do something. Why is this? I wonder.

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Eric L said...

I had a similar experience in Fowler when, back in the late 90s, there were people lining up in Fowler to get gas when the price dropped below $1.00. My cousin's family brought every vehicle they owned for a fill-up, even though some were barely below full. I always though they were funny for doing so. Looking back, it was funny that gas was ever below $1.00. Better times I guess.