Friday, September 03, 2010

Parenting Posts: Lessons along the Journey in August

A number observations about the baby, and being a parent:

  • I am slowly adjusting to "the new normal". For me, this means getting up earlier, and trying to schedule around the baby.

  • I am learning that I need to be a better time manager with my "free time". I used to be able to work longer hours, but putter and allow distractions (both personal and from others). I am slowly going to have to learn to be more efficient with my work if I work from home.

  • We have a three bedroom house. It is over 1500 square feet. So far, the dog, us, and the daughter all sleep in our bedroom. Whats up with that?
  • Being an "older parent" means that we tend to analyze everything and have a lot more intention in our decision than our younger peers at times. Especially with a social worker and a behavioral science major in college pastor. This is a blessing at some times, and also a curse. For instance, if she is in her swing too much, will she feel neglected when she is older? If she watches tv too much, will she become a couch potato. How much should we get her out to get her socialized? How much of getting her out among people gets her overstimulated?
  • I feel very weird having two gals in my last church that were in my youth group having their first baby at the same time we are. It makes me feel developmentally delayed somehow.
  • I have to learn how to not take every unusual thing that Karis does as a reflection on my ability as a parent. At times if she is fussy, I feel like I am failing. If I don't have her on a good schedule for that day, I wonder if I am doing something wrong and get angry at myself. Some of my self-accusations might be true, but if I keep on this track I might lose my mind.

  • I find myself longing for time alone and time to work on professional and personal projects. Yet, when I have that time, I tend to miss my girls. Strange how the grass is always greener....
  • Karis is learning stuff. For instance, when I sing her her "burping song" she sits up into burping position. And when i change her diaper she tries to lift up her hind end for me to slip the new diaper underneath her. She is also figuring out how to trigger her bouncy chair electronics.
  • She seems to, especially on days when she is at day care, want times to kind of be left to herself to have some timeout. I feel this is unusual for a baby this young, and frightneningly similar to her old man
  • She is, at times, jealous for my attention. For instance, today I was talking to Annette Lundy, and was looking at her when I was talking to her. Karis yelled at me because I was not looking at her. So I had to look at the baby while talking with her babysitter. Also, when she is feeding, she gets frustrated if I am not looking at her.
  • She seems, for the most part, to be happy and well adjusted.
  • Karis is past the colicky stage, which is nice. But we notice teething behaviors, and think that may be coming next.
  • Karis is learning that different places have different functions. Home is to eat and sleep and chill with family. Day care is to play with her girls, and she hardly ever does a lot of sleeping there. Church is to make new friends, and to have strangers hold her. It is also her place to scream, because Daddy's voice is amplified across the big room and she can't find him. The car is a place to be alone and sleep.

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