Monday, October 11, 2010

Trending Thoughts, Fads, and Pet Peeves

Inspired by Eric Lundy's likes and dislikes, here are some of my personal fads and pet peeves in my life right now:


Baby swaddlers---They are like magic in putting babies to sleep
Mac and Cheese--I had burned out on this food for a decade, but it is making a comeback
Fantasy Football--My first year. I did not think my interest in football could be elevated. It has been.
Bright neon green--my new favorite color. Seahawks green. Karis green.
Fall--got to enjoy all three weeks of it we have here in Fowler
Reebok--I like the way the Reebok shirts i have fit and feel
Twitter--slowly figuring it out....still like facebook better
Abingdon Books Fiction--my fave publisher of Christian fiction so far
Sunday night football--Its the new Monday night football
Oregon Ducks/Lee Corso commerical--so funny
Baby Clothes shopping--who knew looking at onesies could be so fun?
Naps--taken two naps for over an hour in the last two days
Biscuits and Gravy--love it!
Jack's Big Music show & Backyardigans--the best of Nickjr. television
Mountain West Conference in football--the most underrated conference in college football
Pac 10 and Big 10 conference expansion--looking forward to going to Boulder for a Ducks game, and watching Nebraska play in the same conference as Michigan and Ohio State.

Pet Peeves
Huggies diapers--occasionally leaky with poor odor control
Ohio St. Buckeyes--always overrated in the most overrated conference in football
My Mountain Dew addiction--can't seem to shake it
baby button up sleeper pajamas--too many buttons to do and undo to check and clean diaper
sponanaeity--the longer I am a parent of an infant, the more I like structure and plans


SWG said...

It's not the diaper it's the operator. If you change the diaper quickly odor isn't an issue.

lailani said...

Enjoyed the list - and you are right how the structure part does change. Then they become teenagers and you go through a spin trying to regroup...

I never cared for Huggies with my two. They leaked right away.