Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Battle of the Bulge: Still Making Progress

I lost three pounds this week. Not awfully exciting, but at least it is fairly consistent! That makes 67 pounds total.

I would really like to have lost 83 pounds by the end of May, but I am running out of time to get there. At least I can see that 83 pounds just around the corner!

It has been an interesting this journey. In addition to trying to lose weight, we have also been working to be more disciplined financially. Since we started this ministry in Fowler, we have paid off both of our cars, we have paid off all of our student loans, we have paid off Jennifer's collections debt, Jennifer's ring, and one of my credit cards. We have one of my credit cards left to pay off and we will be debt free.

Unfortunately, it looks like we might need to buy a car. That will set us back a little bit in our journey to be debt free, but I am still hoping we can find a way to pay off the card by the middle of next year.

This year has been interesting because it feels like we are doing the "discipline" thing all at once. Combine that with a new baby, a decrease in financial resources, and this last 6 months feels like a whirlwhind of change. At times it seems easy to try and talk myself in to "giving myself a break", but I know if I do that too much the structure of discipline that has been built for me may begin to crumble.

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