Monday, March 05, 2012

What we are missing about the debate on birth control

I am a news junkie. I admit it. Lately I have been watching the surreal debate of the Republican Party on birth control. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to have enough information to make an informed statement on birth control in Catholic churches. Generally I think:

1. Catholic churches should not be required to have birth control in their insurance policy if they believe it violates their conscience.

2. If the Catholic churches choose not to offer birth control on their employee insurance policies, then they should be required to reject all government subsidies for insurance and completely fund all full-time employees' insurance without government help.

But really, this debate is not what intrigues me. Rather, I am fascinated at how a rather simple invention has utterly transformed our culture. Think about what our country and world would be like without birth control. I would venture to guess that without birth control:

1. We would have less women in the workplace
2. We would have less productivity as a nation
3. We would not have the relative wealth and power that we have in America

I also wonder if:
1. The cold war would have been won without the advent of birth control

What do you think? How has birth control changed the world? For the better or the worse?

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David Cho said...

More than anything, I would guess there would be a lot more abortions than we already have.