Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review of the Lamb's Agenda by Samuel Rodriguez

The Lamb's Agenda: Why Jesus is Calling You to A Life of Righteousness and Justice
by Samuel Rodriguez
ISBN 978-1-4002-0449-8
Thomas Nelson
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Every couple of years, a voice rises up to remind the church that its call from Jesus is bigger than its present agenda. When I was going to college, a book called Rich Christians In An Age of Hunger opened my eyes to the possibility that there were things that folks that were on the other side of the political and ecclesiastical perspective had something to teach me. Specifically regarding the Bible's call to social action, compassion, justice issues, I discovered that gospel was bigger and more good news than I had anticipated.

The Lamb's Agenda is a book that tries to call Christians to stand for evangelism and social involvement, righteousness and justice. It calls people to be concerned about personal holiness as well as social holiness, and it reminds us that an evangelism without much compassion is relatively ineffective. Over and over again, other leaders have tried to tell believers in Jesus that their job is to be subject to a political agenda and party instead of being prophetic subjects of the Kingdom of God. Rodriguez reminds us that God calls us to preach John 3:16 and John 25.

 Rodriguez also reminds us to "prophetic not pathetic". What he means by this is that we need not get caught up in the problems and mindset of the world around us, but that instead we need to get invested in the prophetic vision of God is, calling his people to be different from the world instead of enmeshed in all its unhealthy drama and false dichotomies.

I really think this is a good book. I hope it gains a wide reading.

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