Thursday, August 22, 2013

Self-instructed doctoral program 1.2

A couple of days ago, I said I was not going to be able to ever get a doctorate, and so if I wanted to learn what I wanted to learn, I needed to set up my own doctoral program and find ways to learn what I want to learn on my own.

So, one of the challenges in creating my own learning plan is narrowing my focus of what I want to learn. On my plate are several learning projects that have been waiting in the balance for a while. I was trying to bring them together under one focus. What I have decided to do is base my study on the importance of narrative in spiritual formation and congregational leadership. My "degree plan" looks something like this Tell me what you think of this as a learning plan:

Narrative-Driven Models of Spiritual Formation
     Story of God, Story of Us Conference
     Study of the Following Texts

Biblical Foundations of Narrative-Driven Discipleship OT: Study of the work of Walter Bruggemann

Biblical Foundations of Narrative-Driven Discipleship NT: Study of the work of N.T. Wright

Theological Foundations of Narrative-Driven Discipleship: Study of the Work of Stanley Hauerwas and Kevin Van Hoozier

Historic Foundations of Narrative-Driven Discipleship: Spiritual Formation among the Communion of Saints


Narrative-Driven Community Foundations--Understanding the community as story-formed

Narrative-Driven Leadership Development:  Spiritual Direction of Leadership Teams

Narrative-Driven Outreach: Forming a church's identity as a missional congregation

Narrative-Driven Preaching--Proclaiming the narrative of Christ to a story-formed community

The Practice of Remembering the Narrative--Worship as telling and entering into the Christ-narrative

Narrative-Driven Pastoral Care I --Spirituality of Place in the life of the believer

Narrative-Driven Pastoral Care II--Spiritual Direction of Individuals through Narrative integration

Narrative-Driven Educational Praxis--Teaching as Story Formation w/ the Aprentis Curriculum

Dissertation: TBA

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