Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Book Review of the Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook by Judy C. Kneece

Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook: Tips for Becoming An Effective Support Partner
by Judy C. Kneece
ISBN 978-1-886665-3
Published by EDUCARE INC.
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Now on its eighth printing, this book has become the standard in resources for those who offer care to those suffering with breast cancer. First published 18 years ago, it has guided many in the journey of supporting their friends and loved ones through the breast cancer journey. The Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook is full of helpful, insightful, and well-researched information.

As I have read through parts of this book, and skimmed others, I am impressed with its layout, it attention to details, its graphics and tables to communicate content, and its wisdom. Not only are readers given health information for dealing with the diagnosis and addressing treatments, issues regarding coping, mental health, and sexuality are discussed.

The one thing, however, that is off-putting about this book is that it looks like it is designed for women. And, while I do believe there are a number of breast cancer patients that do have female support partners, I would be willing to bet there are a large number of husbands and children of people with breast cancer are male. And, most men are not going to want to carry around some book with a bunch of flowers that has a cover that looks like an advertisement for Summer's Eve.

Having said that, this would be a great book for support partners, friends, and even breast cancer survivors. If for no other reason than to look up odd and difficult relationship and behavioral issues with those with breast cancer and ask, "Is this normal?," and find out that it is.

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