Thursday, April 17, 2014

Book Review of The Twelve Disciples by Douglas Connelly (A Lifeguide Bible Study)

The Twelve Disciples: 10 Studies for Individuals or Groups
by Douglas Connelly
ISBN 978-0-8308-3147-0
IVP Connect
Reviewed by Clint Walker

I have a shelf full of small group bible studies. Some of them I have used with small groups. Many of them I have used to guide my bible study time. Still others have provided guidance and seeds for thought in developing a sermon series. Of all of the different studies, the largest collection of Bible studies comes from IVP, and of those studies that IVP puts out, the Lifeguide series takes up the most room. I like them because they are simple and straightforward for both personal and group study. I often supplement what is in the book with personal research, but the Lifeguide studies do a good job at guiding people through the topic at hand to be studied.

The Twelve Disciples discusses, if you have not guessed, Jesus' inner circle of followers that are often referred to as the apostles or the disciples. The author does 9 individual studies, and then groups three of the more obscure disciples in one lesson at the end of the series. What I like about the way the study unfolds is that it really focuses in on one Scripture or one event that is central to understanding that particular disciple, their unique gifts and abilities, as well as the struggles that they may have had to deal with. By the time you are done with the study, you will feel like you really know at least 9 of the disciples in a deeper way. In the process, you will also learn baby steps that you might need to take to be stronger in your discipleship journey by learning from the first apostles.

A worthwhile personal or group study resource.

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