Saturday, June 07, 2014

Book Review on Insourcing by Randy Pope

Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church
by Randy Pope w/ Kitti Murray
ISBN 978-0-310-49087-8
Reviewed by Clint Walker

There are a lot of books on the shelves for pastors and church leaders that focus on clear, measurable statistical models of success. They promise, if you follow their advice, that you will get more money from people in your church, more people in the pews for worship, and be the envy of your community. This book is different, because instead of noses and nickles, it focuses on mobilizing the church for discipleship.

Insourcing is written by Randy Pope. He is the pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Pope has a passion for making disciples, and for mobilizing churches to create sold-out followers of Jesus Christ. In the beginning of the book he makes the case for the importance of developing depth in individual believers. As he goes on in the book, he also gives helpful advice in working with individuals and churches in order to help them become healthy,deep churches grounded in Jesus Christ.

This book has received several awards, and has been well received in the evangelical world. It deserves a look by lay people and pastors alike, both because of its pragmatic tools and its unique and helpful vision for what the church can be.

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