Monday, November 03, 2014

The Verizon Size Queen

So, I finally decide to do it. I walk into the Verizon store. Why, you ask? To try and get my phone working properly. I talked to the door lady. She seems to think the only way to properly update my phone is to work through Itunes. Then I get to the "expert" who was supposed to help me.  I explain that my updated apps are not working. That my Facetime is not working. I also added that I was having trouble updating the operating system.

She asked me what Iphone I had. I said I had a 4. She said with eyes rolling...."you only have a 4 and you only have 8G" she said with contempt.

She then repeated, "a 4," followed by the words, "that is a 5 year old phone."

She exhaled with a deep sigh. I asked, "So you are saying my phone is a dinosaur?"

"Press your phone," she replied. Then I complied, "Not even a 4s," she said contemptuously, "you only have a 4. A 4. With only 8G. We now have and IOS 8. You have an IOS 6."

She then shook her head.

I left half insulted, and half laughing. I called Jennifer. "I'm sorry honey," I said, "Apparently I am not man enough."

"Why is that," Jennifer said.

"I stopped by the Verizon store, Apparently the young lady there does not think I am man enough,"

Jen laughed.

"She says a 4 is so small and inadequate. How can you be satisfied with only 8G? My operating system is only a 6. She doesn't know how we could EVER be satisfied."

I guess I will have to upgrade. I told Jennifer, "I never thought it mattered whether my phone was a 4 or a 6. It was just how well I used it. I guess I was wrong."

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