Saturday, February 06, 2016

Book Review of Sent by Jorge Acevedo et. al

I picked up this book, and some of the curriculum pieces that went along with it for our Advent worship plan at our church. I have mixed feelings about the book as an Advent resource.

First, the good things. I thought that the idea of this book and its accompanying curriculum was awesome. As one who is wanting to encourage our church to be more missionally minded, this seemed to fit well. The chapter headings and themes for each week in Advent were helpful. As were some of the accompanying Scriptures.

Where I struggled with this book is that the chapters were less theological reflection, or even reflection on the Christ-story, and more personal reflection of the author's experiences of the themes shared. Sometimes this worked, but some of the chapters seemed that the author's stories were tangential at best. This made it hard to base a class or a worship on large chunks of the content of this book, which was my goal.

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