Saturday, February 17, 2018

Book Review of the Radical Pursuit of Rest by John Koessler

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The Radical Pursuit of Rest: Escaping the Productivity Trap
by John Koessler
ISBN 978-0-8308-4444-9
IVP Books
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Often, among circles of recovering workaholics you hear the phrase, "I am not a human doing, I am a human being". While most of time when I hear quips like this I think the person has spent too much time in therapy or reading self-help books, this particular phrase has a ring of truth to it.

There is a certain percentage of our congregations and our society who are literally working themselves to death, trying to do everything they can, and not taking time to rest, to have Sabbath, and to remember that our lives are about relationships and not what we produce.

It is to this group of people that John Koessler brings his book The Radical Pursuit of Rest. He argues that the church has uncritically adopted a culture of productivity, anxiety, and activity that runs counter to God's message of grace, peace and rest. He addresses some of the roadblocks to the healthy rhythm of rest and work head on. If you read this book you will discover how you often deceive yourself, thinking you are resting when you are really continuing to hurry and hustle. You will also see that Koessler addresses some of the impediments to rest head on, and with sage wisdom. He will show you how the theme of rest runs through Scripture, and how it is part of God's promise for his people. Radical Pursuit of Rest speaks directly to our hurried, frazzled souls, and seeks to show us another way.

I recommend reading this book highly, both on your own, and perhaps in a book club you are a part of .

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