Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NT Wright Quotes from Evil and the Justice of God

the relentless quest for sexual pleasure--and sex, of course, is a way of laughing in the face of death (26)

the self-contradictory state of affairs--increased demands for truth and increased difficulty in discerning it--is the result of a slow-growing but now all-pervasive culture of suspicion. (31)

The more imperitive left over from low-grade existentialism (that one should be true to one's deepest self) collides with the postmodern claim that one's deepest self is a fluid, unstable thing (31)

you can't escape evil in postmodernity (as opposed to modernity), but you cannot find anyone to blame either. (32)

It is possible for humans to be taken over by evil, to believe a lie and then live by it, to forget that it is a lie and make it the foundation of one's being.

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San Nakji said...

But what is the definition of evil?