Monday, February 26, 2007

Race, Entertainment and Spor\ts

I do not watch awards shows. They are boring, and watching the Oscars is about as masculine as dancing around the room listening to show tunes. However, as I watched the movie "Goodfellas" with Jen I also kept track of the academy awards on the computer (This seemed a little bit more manly than actually watching the show--and I did not have to watch all the foo-foo-a-roo waiting to watch the show)

One of the things that impressed me about the choices was that the racial diversity of the winners was not an issue, which makes it seem to me that we are making a little bit of progress. Forrest Whitaker is one of my favorite actors, so it was great to see him win for a movie I plan to see this week.

Even more, I thought it was interesting to see a book review on ESPN about the book BLACK ICE, which is about the black role in the development of modern hockey. It seems the hidden truth is that black folk may have been a part of the invention of hockey (part of an interracial group of people who was playing in the first game), and more clearly inventors of many modern innovations in the game (such as the slap shot) in Nova Scotia.

How cool!

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