Thursday, April 26, 2007

Road Trip Restrooms

One of the adventures of being on a roadtrip are the restroom adventures you have on the trips you are on. On my most recent road trip we had plenty of adventures.

Despite my disparaging remarks about Texas landscaping, I must admit the Texas/Oklahoma border has the most wonderful bathroom on planet earth. As one enters the Lone Star State, one discovers that instead of a typical rest stop, Texas has the Taj Majal of potties for its newly discovered travellers. The whole trip, in order to avoid my typical travel sickness, I chose to treat myself to plenty of fluids (especially water). So, as I entered taj majal toilets incorperated I rushed to the restroom. To my shock, the whole room shined and was beautifully lit. You could see your reflection in the freshly mopped floors, and the stools were sparkling clean. In four days of travel I only sat down in one public restroom, and this was it. It was almost fresh and beautiful and clean enough of a restroom that I would have felt comfortable eating a meal inside of it (I said almost, Sarah).

On the way to the restroom, there was an air-conditioned theater room with the weather channel on television and room for nearly 30 people. The other side of the room was a travellers bonanza, with maps and details about every public park, free state maps (which we needed) and tourist guides.

The rest of the restrooms on the trip were less impressive. There was one restroom in Oklahoma that had napkins from the truck stop deli for TP, and where I had to stand on one leg because someone urinated on the floor.

There was another restroom where a man strove to strike up a conversation with me and I had never met him. He chose to start this conversation while I was using the toilet.For those of you who are non-male, in man world this is a major faux pax. This behavior stirs up nearly every homophobic instinct in a healthy heterosexual man's heart, especially in truck stop restroom in Oklahoma where every other customer reminds you of someone from the movie Deliverance.

Other than the Texas rest stop, the most pleasant restrooms were in new Shell stations along the road (Edmond, OK).

What are your experiences with public restrooms? What phobias do you have? What unique ideosyncrecies do you have in dealing with public restroom issues?


Dreaming again said...

living in Oklahoma ... you now know what my life is like!

(not native Oklahoman ... Native Californian, side stepped to Colorado, drug to Oklahoma at 17, stuck here since)

Oricon Ailin said...

LOL!!! I have felt your "pain" as well. ehhee

But, I must admit, being a Texan, our rest stops are pretty nice. (In most places)

Now...I'll tell ya...the very best rest stops are in Maine. They have beautiful places with all the fancy stuff. It's great!!

SUPER said...

I will just continue to hold it until I get to my destination...germs scare me ya know.

San Nakji said...

I hate public toilets! I would prefer a secluded tree I think. New Zealand has a pretty cool toilet...

rubyslipperlady said...

I remmber the Tennessee State Fairgrounds being terribly clean, surprisingly so for a fairgrounds. however there was a horrible little one in a gas station near Goodlettesville, I think? It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I couldn't even use it and I had to go so bad I really thought I was going to burst.

Drea (Brownsoul) said...


A clean rest stop bathroom? Hmmm.

Well, I am a bit of a freak about cleanliness.

I think if people saw some of the kitchens in some of these restaurants that have beautiful dining rooms and bathrooms, they'd never eat out again.

Brea said...

I hate them. All of them. I saw an Oprah special years ago about germs and they tested public restrooms. Still can't get past that...

Gretchen said...

I've been in some pretty ratty bathrooms over the years because my family went camping alot growing up. It was always creepy to have to go to the moth/spider infested toilet in the middle of the night the whole way there hoping that there were no wild animals (or wierdos) lurking in the trees.