Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Women in Christianity

A beautiful video that simultaneously celebrates the many things that women offer to us as ministers, and a chronicles the many ways women have been oppressed by people abusing their power in the church to push their mysogenistic agenda.


David Cho said...

I saw that video and kept raising my eye brow.

No doubt the misogynistic statements are idiotic and stupid, but juxtaposing them with no responses other than pictures of cute college aged middle class women?

What is the message here? How can you say those horrible things about these young cute girls? Look how adorable they are! The photo after Mark Driscoll's statement sums it up. He says some pastor's women let themselves go, and the it is followed by a good looking young mother who apparently hasn't let herself go. So you were wrong, Mark.

Would have love to see photos of Mother Teresa who I believe did more than probably all the men who made the statements combined or Rosa Parks whose courage changed the course of history. Sure in their later years they weren't as beautiful and young as the women in the video, but their dignity and class are ones for the ages.

So youth and beauty are all women have to offer in response to the horrendously misogynistic statements?

So I really don't get the video at all. If anything, it seems to play into misogynistic attitudes.

Friar Tuck said...

Interesting....I read your comments and then revisited the author's blog.

I have a suspicion that the woman in the picture after the Driscoll quote is the author of the video, who left the church Driscoll served in at some point.

As for the other pictures, I kind of see this as a homemade video juxtaposing what youth in a local setting can do with what was said against them in some way. Also I guess I look at it as a juxtaposition of past and future kind of.

There is something you implied here I think you have a point on, which I will speak to a little bit later. That is that the video was basically all white females, most of whom seem to be priviledged. I think that is a valid point. It is one of the strongest points against feminism now, that feminist attitudes come from highly educated women of privilege who have little to complain about.

Nevertheless, as a youth pastor and young adult pastor in a very similar setting, it comes across very powerfully to me that we have to make a new world for our children.