Monday, May 14, 2007

Food Flavored Clothing

Instead of limiting my clothing choices to Casual Male Big and Tall, I have been looking at the King Size Catalog for clothes. There are a lot more choices in the catalog, and I like that. But one thing keeps bothering me. Why do they feel that naming the color of clothes after foods will encourage fat men to buy more product? In the catalogue the green color is celery, the yellow color is butter, a certain red color is called rasberry, another pinkish red color is called melon, a brown color is called honey, and another red color is called tabasco. Do they think fat men are more likely to order their product if they name it after grub?


wilsonian said...

Actually, they use those names for colours in all sizes... I think they know how to get a response, no matter what the size!

Lorna (see through faith) said...

FOOD is a sinificant part of everyone's life - and I think it's easier to relate to "tabasco" as a colour than say a browny shade of cerise (or whatever)

that said celery is a weird choice of food to represent that shade of yellowy-green. But maybe it's to encourage you all to try to shed a few pounds - so that you'll come back again and order a whole new wardrobe.

David Cho said...

LOL! Never noticed that before.

rubyslipperlady said...

And think. It's someone's job to come up with color names. One of my favorites was my fav color of nailpolish from MK. It came out shortly before I moved back to Kansas from Nashville - RUBYSLIPPER!

Seriously, I love that color.