Monday, May 14, 2007

Book Lust

Occasionally, instead of buying all the books I want, I simply make lists of books I want, and then try ways to get a hold of them through the library. Sometimes, I have discovered I really dont want to read the book as much as I want to have it with me to open, to touch, to smell, to hold, and to skim. After a brief fling with the said book, I no longer have any interest in her anymore. Making my lists of books is my way of controlling my book lust. Unfortunately, much like a drunk going to a bar and trying to say they are in recovery, I seem to always find myself in a bookstore moaning and holding my newest book interest next to me.

Here are a couple of books that caught my eye. If they sound interesting to you use the search engine on the right to order the book and give me a little kickback.


John Calvin--On Prayer
Richard Rohr--Everything Belongs
Bob Roberts Jr.--Glocalization
The Spirit of Silence
Judiasm and Justic
Reel Spirituality
The Next Christendom*-Jenkins
Jesus and Buddha--parallel sayings
Front Porch--Myers
Organic Community--Myers
Remarriage After Divorce in Today's Church
Seek and You Will Find--Taize Community
Leading with a Limp--Allender
Listening to the Beliefs of the Emerging Church
Evangelism after Christendom
Dream Talk--Wilson
Soul Graffiti--Scandrette
Simplicity, The Freedom of Letting Go
The Speed of Trust--Covey
Happiness Myth
The Leadership Challenge
Mind the Light--Bill
Encounter the Other--Vanier
Sharing Sacred Stories
Peril in Paradise
Body Language--Pease
The Orgin of Satan--Pagels
A Peculiar People
Queen Bees and WannaBees--Wiseman
Importance of Being Foolish--Manning
Banker to the Poor--Yunnus
Offices Series...Tickle
The Questions of Jesus--John Dear

Board Games
Smart Ass
Electronic Guestures
Would You Rather
Axis and Allies

Einstein quotes
Jesus Rocks

Did you know there is a board game called:
The Journeys of Paul: A Historical Strategy Game?

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Doug Jones said...

yup... there is nothing like "holding a book in your hand." I totally dig it... well there is something that I dig more... a stack of new books and that first perusal sitting in your favorite chair.