Friday, February 01, 2008

Movie Review

I have a couple of friends that are movie junkies. For the last several weeks they have been recommending the movie Juno. I have been hesitant to want to see it because they have also been recommending movies with subtitles like J'taime Paris. (Anyone who recommends french movies with subtitles to me on a regular basis takes a step down in earning trust about the strength of their recommendations)The most recent review I read on the God's Politics blog may convince me to watch it when it comes out on video.


reliv4life said...

I absolutely LOVE this movie, want to see it again. Some of the music is really cool as well. Be brave, Friar!!
PS I edited my recent post to include that even though God doesn't want us to be poor, sick, etc... He does want us to be humble, which requires none of the above mentioned situations...
Now, head out to the movies, do it NOW!! :)

Matt said...

My wife and I liked it a lot though we disagree on if it should be best picture (I'm in favor of it). I think you will too. If you do see it, I'd be interested in your review.