Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quotes from Deep-Rooted in Christ by Joshua Kang

God is more concerned with who we are than who we think we are. He doesn't care how many talks we do or how big they are. What matters is that we become what God wants us to be. (75)

Every spiritual leader needs discernment about God's time..God uses those that understand the times. (77)

To become a servant of God requires advanced study in how God uses lonliness; thats to say, how he teaches his students to reach spiritual maturity. (79)

Wilderness and Word have the same orgin in the Hebrew language (81)

Even Pharoh knew Moses was a man of prayer. When the Egyptians were suffering from the swarming flies, he asked Moses to pray for him. (85)

Before trying the hearts of other people, we should try and move the heart of God. (86)

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