Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Life

This is a picture of Jennifer driving the handicapped grocery cart at Walmart. She has been on bedrest for about a month now. Last time we went after an appointment, we ate lunch and she worked on thank you cards in the Walmart Subway. The doctor has banned her from walking around shopping at Walmart. I told her it would only be ok to shop around if she was in the "cripple cart", and she finally got desparate enough to drive.
Bedrest has been a long road for Jenny. She is a take charge person, and an active person. She can hardly stand being forced to sit still and lay down so much. Yet, with my nagging and her determiniation, she has continued to keep the baby healthy by resting. Strangely, she has been losing weight with her lack of exercise. She has only gained a net of 8 pounds and is in her third trimester.
I am so impressed with how strong she has been. She has been super faithful about eating healthy, watching her blood sugar and her blood pressure, and doing all the things you are supposed to do. She hasn't even had a coffee or a caffeinated pop since she has been pregnant.
Karis is blessed to have such a loving and hard-working momma.


Kimberly Cangelosi said...

That's a super-cute picture :) So glad to hear that she and baby are doing well! You guys are in my thoughts all the time!

Jess and James said...

OH, do I remember those days! Soon those days will be fleeting thoughts and you will wish that you could ride in the "cripple-cart"!!!! you are in our thoughts and prayers!!!

Rebecca Lynn said...

Awww! I love that picture. SO cute. And I love the updates on how life is going as expectant parents.

So excited to see pictures of the new baby girl when she arrives!

David Cho said...

Best wishes to you and your wife, Clint.

BTW, I am surprised that you haven't said a word about the new immigration law in Arizona.