Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A cappella

Last night our church put on a banquet for people in our community in order to raise funds for youth camp. We provided entertainment, which turned out to be a wonderful and kind woman who sang songs a capella.

I love it in worship when someone intersperses accompanied singing with some a cappella singing. I love it when I catch someone singing without accompaniment when they know nobody is around. However, when someone sings a cappella in a performance it is almost too much for me.

When someone has an a cappella performance, I have a very difficult time watching them. I almost always have to close my eyes. At times, despite my best efforts, I cringe. It is not that I do not like this kind of singing. I do. The particular singer performing this Sunday had a beautiful voice.

I think at times I have a hard time listening to a cappella singing because it is too intimate. It is like someone is exposing themselves with their voice. Often it is beautiful. Somtimes it also like someone is a "soul flasher" when they bare themselves through a cappella singing.

But maybe I am just a little odd.

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