Thursday, July 08, 2010

NBA Drama

I have had several thoughts to share about the NBA free-agent period. It has intrigued me a lot. And, what intrigues me most is not where the top 8 free agents go, but rather where the next top 42 fall. I have also been interested in the big Lebron drama too, and have thoughts about all of it.

1. The Big 3 in Miami (if it happens) will not be all it is cracked up to be

A team is not made up of three players. A basketball team needs at least 8 servicable players. Maybe more. Dwayne Wade has been so beat up, I think he really only has 3 really good years in him. What if one of the "big three" get hurt? Who will fill in? Will Charles Barkley come out of retirement? He better, because that is going to be the quality of the supporting cast.

I think the Big 3 in Miami will still struggle with Orlando, Los Angeles, Boston and others.

2. My thoughts on the not so big rest of the players

Randy Foye
Nate Robinson
David Lee
Tyrus Thomas
Luis Scola
Raymond Felton
Joel Childress
Shaquille O'Neal
Udonis Haslem
Richard Jefferson
Corey Brewer
JJ Redick
Al Harrington
Z. Ilgauskas
Brad Miller--
Matt Barnes
Luke Ridnour--
Jordan Farmar--
Kyle Korver
Sergio Rodriguez
Wes Matthews
Matt Miller--
Earl Boykins--
Josh Howard

I think after Lebron decision several things will happen.
  1. Each of the teams that cleared space will go looking quickly for servicable point guards. This means that Ridnour, Farmar, Robinson, and even Rodriguez and Boykins will be signed by the end of the weekend. Also, look for some point guard trades
  2. Next, teams will seek to fill their outside shooting needs. Matt Miller and Kyle Korver and JJ Redick will have offers before the end of the weekend too
  3. Miami, with or without Lebron, will work at filling out their roster. If Lebron comes, look for veterans hungry to win. If Lebron does not go to Miami, look for young, lanky athletic types and a tough center to join the team.
  4. After that the big moves by teams with cap space. For instance, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, perhaps Cleveland will make signings
  5. Teams that are already decent will look to sign players with mid-level exceptions
  6. Teams get filled out with veterans minimums

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