Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review of Work Matters by Tom Nelson


Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Morning to Monday Work
By Tom Nelson
ISBN 978-1433526671
Published by Crossway
Reviewed by Clint Walker

It seems that the study of work and vocation is garnering more and more interest from Christian publishers. I have several books on this topic in my review cue. The first book in this series is by Tom Nelson, who is the pastor of Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas. It is titled Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Morning to Monday Work.

My impression of this book is mixed. On one hand, this book would be an excellent basic text to guide a group or a class on discovering ways to integrate one's spiritual life into one's work. The entire text is a easy to understand theology of work in the life of a Christian. It discusses concepts like calling and vocation in terms that just about everyone can understand. Each chapter begins with a well-selected quote, and ends with a prayer and a few discussion questions. Many chapters have "case-studies" of real people who have been able to put the principals that Nelson mentions into action. As Work Matters discusses the concept of work, it also touches on other theological topics, such as the doctrine of last things (what will work be like on the other side of eternity), work ethics, and much more. 

My biggest disappointment with this book is that it really did not challenge me all that much. I thought Work Matters was well-written. I also thought it was really a basic book on the topic. I was hoping for something more. But, for those looking for some introductory ideas and skills to guide them in integrating their work life with their faith journey, this is a great book. 

(I was given copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

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