Monday, April 02, 2012

Book Review of the Christ Connection by Roy Abraham Varghese

The Christ Connection
by Roy Abraham Varghese
ISBN 978-1-55725-699-7
Paraclete Press
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Roy Abraham Varghese is no stranger to the world of philosophy and apologetics. Most well known as the co-author of Anthony Flew's autobiographical journey toward theism entitled There is a God, Varghese has been commending the Christian faith in the marketplace of religions in this postmodern world for several years. Recently, Varghese has written a book where he seats Christianity as the fulfillment of much of the hopes and narratives of the world religions that predate Christianity from across the globe. In many ways The Christ Connection embodies the truth expressed in Galatians 4:4 that Jesus came "in the fullness of time"

The first part of this fine books discusses the orgin and development of religion in society around the globe. Contrary to many popular theories, Varghese presents ample evidence that most primitive religion today and throughout history was not as polytheistic as many think. In fact, many more "primitive" religions have a profound openness toward and anticipation of someone similar to Christ.

Much of the second part of the book draws lines between the world relgions and Christianity. Varghese effectively shows how Christ is the fullfilment of much of what ancient world religions were building toward.

The final section is a includes a discussion of the resurrection and the early church, and how each of these facts of history leads an objective thinker toward the logical truth of Christianity.

The Christ Connection is a fine book. It is a little heavy in its language and in its paradigmatic structure for many that might try and pick it up and read it off the shelf. However, those who take the time to actually read the book will be rewarded with much to think about and consider.

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