Wednesday, May 23, 2012

30 minute book review: Leaving Egypt by Chuck Degrood

Leaving Egypt: Finding God in the Wilderness Places
by Chuck DeGroat
ISBN 978-1-52255-673-1
Every Square Inch Imprint
Faith Alive Publishing
Reviewed by Clint Walker
(Book Provided for Review by Amazon Vine)

More and more people are beginning to rediscover Exodus as a guide for their spiritual journey. I could not be more pleased with this development. Exodus may be the most neglected book in the Bible. In fact, understanding the spirituality of Exodus is central to our understanding of what Christ did on the cross, what God is doing through the church, and what the future holds for the children of God.

This book does several good things. Specifically, this text acknowledges the pain and sin that many people live with. It calls people to be transformed by the grace of God. And it does so while also countering the prosperity gospel that tries to teach that "wilderness" experiences and hardship equate to spiritual failure.

Leaving Egypt tries to help people move from a place of slavery to a place of promise. DeGroat is a counselor and a director of spiritual formation. The tone of a counselor and spiritual guide pervades this journey through the Exodus story. The goal is to encourage the reader to claim the Exodus story as "their story", and to grow into the hope and victory that this practice will provide.

DeGroat included a discussion guide and several good quotes in Leaving Egypt. It is obvious that helping people live in the Exodus narrative is a passion for him. Those who choose to purchase this book may find a similar passion growing in their lives as well.

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