Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mattea Birth Story: The Following Days

Tuesday: Blood sugar for Mattea was still being stabilized. Grammie Kris and Jennifer got to hold baby Mattea for the first time, and Karis got to meet her little sister

I went home to make sure I put Karis to bed and told her good night on Tuesday as well. I slept for about 5.5 hours, got KK out of bed and set up in the morning, and went back to the hospital.

On Wednesay, KK and Grammie made it back to the hospital

On Thursday, Grammie came to the hospital to see the baby, and then did her tour of the Hills, and then picked up Karis from day care. I got to the hospital in the late morning and left in the evening.

On Friday, we were able to bring Jennifer and Mattea home. Everyone was tired at this point.

Saturday was an even longer day. Mattea had her nights and days mixed up. Jennifer got an infection, and we had to go back to the ER and get what the doctor called an "antibacterial cocktail". She has been feeling better since.

Grammie left today (the following Wednesday). So tonight is our first night managing a 2yr old and an infant as parents and as a family. Wish us blessings. We will need them!

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