Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kathy Escobar's talk at Sentralized 2014


Kathy Escobar is the co-pastor of a missional community in the Denver Metro Area. She does a lot of work in bringing about mutuality, equality and justice for people who are often marginalized. She said she seeks to lead a community where "everyone is safe, but no one is comfortable".

She had a lot to say about partnering with people and seeking mutuality with persons in our ministry with them.

To demonstrate the truths of which she speaks of she used three prepositions, and then spoke of how they lead us to different directions in ministry with folks.

Ministry TO people--doing ministry to people is PATERNAL and creates oppression.

Ministry FOR people--doing ministry for people is MATERNAL and creates codependence

Ministry WITH people--is incarnational and creates transformation

She then talked about how people--both in the church and outside of the church need "corrective experiences" that change their trajectory and their view of their life and the world.


The to, for, with stuff. She shared a lot more on how all of this works its way out, but that is not in my notes!

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