Sunday, September 28, 2014

Michael Frost's First Presentation of Two--Talk #2 of the Conference.


Again I did not have good notes on this specific talk.

My favorite quote, "Jesus didn't just die for you, you gorgeous little snowflake,"

He talked about how we try and make missional living and ministry more complicated that it has to be. It is not complicated, although it can be difficult and costly.

Frost shared about an outreach to people in his community. In this outreach, he and the other churches were asked to help the community curb violence in the party district of his community in Austrailia. What he discovered, which he borrowed from a church in England, was to have people in the plaza where all of the problems are with "Street Preacher" t-shirts that were simply there to do three things: Listen, Help, and Care. They found that a lot of problems were nipped in the bud. Also, their most effective ministers in this regard were 60-70 year old women (cause nobody wants to hurt nana in the middle of a bar fight).

He then went on to talk about the church as a body, and some body science. What he reminded his listeners of was that each cell has the entire DNA code of the body as a whole in its little cell. And, when someone looks at a starfish, when a person cuts off a leg a whole new starfish can be regenerated in the same way. In a similar fashion, Frost shared, each believer has the DNA of the body of Christ in them, and through the power of the spirit is equipped to do more than they think they can if they will simply yield themselves, be available, and realize that the gospel is about serving God and neighbor.


Missional church leadership is less about a program than it is about an attitude, or an orientation to exist for the other instead of ourselves.

Missional church leadership is not so much about programs but about getting our people in the stream of the Spirit's moving into the world.

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