Thursday, December 08, 2016

Reformation Commentary on Scripture: Romans 9-16--New Testament Volume VIII

Romans 9-16: Reformation Commentary on Scripture [RCS]  -     By: Philip D.W. Krey, Peter D.S. Krey

Reformation Commentary on Scripture: Romans 9-16
New Testament Volume VIII
ed. by Phillip D.W. Krey and Peter D. S. Krey
IVP Academic
Reviewed by Clint Walker

One of my favorite things that IVP has done with commentaries is when they bring together anthologies of original sources from certain eras to show how people interpreted different sections of Scripture. Intervarsity started with the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture and has continued with the Reformation Commentary on Scripture from which this volume comes.

Perhaps with Galatians, no portion of New Testament literature is so central to the Reformation than Romans. For this reason I am overjoyed to get this commentary on the second half of Paul's letter to the Roman church.

There is much to commend about this volume. All of my favorite and renown reformers share their insights side by side. John Calvin, Erasmus, Luther, Simons, and Melanchthon are all given room to speak. So are lesser known theologians, including some Catholic thinkers at the time of the Reformation. And, since this is a commentary on the second half of Romans, we have commentary that speaks not only to theology, but speaks to the issues that the Apostle Paul speaks to about life in the church from chapters 12-16 of the Epistle to the Romans.

For me, this commentary is a must have on every pastor's shelf that wants to preach and teach with a perspective that is grounded in the historic Christian faith, especially as one understands that from a Protestant perspective.

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