Monday, December 05, 2016

What the last three presidential elections have in common

In 2008, President Obama's election was touted as a triumph of liberal ideas and policies, as well as progressive institutions and the progressive movement. In 2016, the election of Donald Trump was touted as coming about through Donald Trump's ability to connect with the white working class that was disaffected with the status quo, and a victory for conservatives institutions and the conservative movement. I have come to the conclusion that neither model is truthful.

Instead, what the last three presidential elections have demonstrated is that people are repudiating the institutional powers that be and their methods altogether, and embracing something that feels different in the hope that what is different will be better than the brokenness that we are experiencing now.

Perhaps elections are less logical than we think.

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Jeff Huntley said...

I agree with your ideas here. The convention of the States movement has been growing steadily the last 5 years because the politicians in Washington care only about themselves and lie to us outrageously during the elections to get re elected. The Convention will propose new amendments to the Constitution while bypassing congress. Among the proposed amendments are a balanced budget amendment and a congressional term limits amendment. Congress will never, ever propose either amendment be sent to the states so the state initiated article 5 convention is the only route.

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