Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review of Pray for the World

By Jason Mandryk
ISBN 978-0-8308-3686-4
IVP Books/WEC International
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Many Christians over the years have been blessed with the ministry of Operation World and their production of an extensive prayer guide that teaches us to pray for our world, while at the same time educating us to what is going on in the world. That guide leads prayer warriors through a daily prayer routine that helps them pray though the year for each country alphabetically.

Pray for the World is a more succinct prayer guide from the people at Operation World. This abgridged resource will be helpful for many people who want to pray for the world, but found carrying around a book much larger than their Bible a little cumbersome. Pray for the World organizes prayer themes by location in the world instead of by alphabetical order, thus giving its reader a guide to pray for a specific region through going to a certain section within the book. And the way it is organized lends itself to people being able to use this prayer guide as a reference source for global prayer, instead of a daily devotional guide. I really like it.

This, is a great resource to use in the life of the church. One could easily resource prayer groups, worship teams, and small groups with this guide to prayer. It would also be a great orientation to prayer for people in your churches that are considering short-term missions in an area of the world. I will keep this next to my denominational guide for prayer and missions, and refer to it often. 


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