Monday, September 18, 2006

Renewal of a Habit

I have recently taken up the game of golf again. I play about once a week, and unless someone else is buying, I play on inexpensive courses. The course pictured here is the one I played on today. It is called Cherokee Ridge, and is run by the Water Conservation Authority.

I did about average for me, in the low 50s for 9 holes. I played with a member and former attender of our church named Bill, and we had a lot of fun walking and talking and hunting for the balls that we hit here there and yonder.

If I hadn't have locked my keys in the car it would have been a perfect day so far!

By the way, there are a lot of life lessons in golf. One of which is that my golf game often parallels my life and ministry. I do things well a little bit, but it is really hard to put everything together for even one hole. Although, I did have two pars! One on a par 5 and another on a par 3


rubyslipperlady said...

Well done!

Brownsoul said...

I know all about locking my keys in my car. I've done it 3'd think I would've learned my lesson.

That comparison is nicely put. Interesting how that happens sometimes.

San Nakji said...

Golf? C'mon Friar, are you 65? ;o)

Brotha Buck said...

Well, good for you, man. I've never gotten into golf. I tried. Got caught in a storm, and was drenched all the way through. Never again.