Sunday, September 17, 2006

Road Trip

Yesterday our youth group joined other folks in helping glean fields in Alamosa. Our church is associated with a group called La Puente, which helps migrant workers and many other disadvantaged folks working and living in the Alamosa area.

This first pic is of us trying to glean what was left behind in the potato fields. Dig, turn, grab, dig, turn, grab.

The second pic is a pic of some of the kids gleaning cabbage. We got around a pick up full of cabbage picked for the food bank.

As you can see with the two gentlemen here, it was a windy day. That is why most of us had hoodies and breathing masks on. It did not help that most of the potatoes had been recently harvested.


San Nakji said...

That last photo is good enough to publish!

rubyslipperlady said...

This is just such an awesome ministry!