Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quotes rumbling through my head about creation

It is not possible to love an unseen God while mistreating God's visible creation .
(John Woolman, Journal as quoted in Sept 2006 Christianity Today, page 112)

All creation is a song of praise to God.
(Hildegaard of Bingen)

Every natural object is a conductor of divinity
(John Muir)


San Nakji said...

I really like the first one. I hope Bush is listening...

Stephen said...

Wow! Interesting..............I'm not sure how to feel about that first qoute. What is the deffenition of mistreat? Because it could mean driving a car or using other transportation such as busses, airplanes, boats, trains, etc. are damaging the earth right? So while I am on the road to work I am not loving God? Maybe I'm taking it too literal. I like the idea of respecting nature as it IS God's creation. I wouldn't want someone stomping on my artwork!!!

Brownsoul said...

the first one is definitely powerful!