Friday, November 10, 2006

More thoughts on what happened at New Life

from Zach Lind about Mark Driscoll's thoughts on how he believes that pastor's wives' lack of sexual availabilty causes their husbands to stray. This really made me angry. Especially since Driscoll is such an influential leader in so many people's spiritual lives in the Seattle area (and now tied in with John Piper as well)

from Non-Prophet. This is a buddhist-leaning agnostic guy I know that shares his view on the whole megachurch world after visiting new life last Sunday to hear the announcement and letter from Haggard that was read. He is easily the most influential blogger in the state of Colorado, and was even mentioned on CNN last weekend when this story broke. I don't swallow the whole of what he says here, but most of what he says I deeply resonate with. Pay attention to the last paragraph of two sentences. Do you agree with him?


wilsonian said...

Yep. I agree very much with the last two sentences.

While I do not believe that we have to buy into guilt-ridden sermons that tell us we have to work harder in order to have a healthy faith, I also do not belive in the 'get-out-of-hell-free-card' being sold by some.

Imho, it is the whole "Personal" relationship with Christ mantra that sets up an atmosphere for this. Is our relationship a personal one? Yes, but it cannot funtion healthily outside of community. As soon as we put ourselves above that, we place ourselves in the sniper's sites.

San Nakji said...

Those big cult of personality churches are, IMO, a big problem for Christianity. I think the real message is being lost in the hype.