Thursday, November 02, 2006

As I am sitting here, I am grieved for my community amidst the allegations of Ted Haggard at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. As he resigns from his position from NAE and takes administrative leave from New Life Church, a few things come to mind. First, even though I disagree with some of what Ted stands for in ministry, I grieve with New Life Church as this difficult things has come about.

I sincerely hope that the bulk of accusations are false, but after reading a copy of this letter that was sent out to the congregation, I think what we are hearing is only the beginning.

What a sad thing for Colorado Springs, New Life, and the many people that support Ted and trust him as their leader. I pray that God brings a quick resolution to this mess.


Anonymous said...

Haha!! Poetic justice!!

Anonymous said...

It's time for all of us professing Christians to look in the mirror.

Our political activism is blowing up in our faces. And that is just a tip of an iceberg.

Lorna said...


This is a tragedy for us all. Pastors are human like all of us. But they are held doubly accountable for adultery and drug taking. We need to pray for those hearts that are so disappointed by this. But we need to take responsibilty too - our leaders need our prayers, they need to be held accountable, they need NOT to be put on a pedestal.

God forgive us. And heal us by your grace!