Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Current Reading: Welcoming But Not Affirming

I just finished reading "Welcoming But Not Affirming: An Evangelical Response to Homosexuality". It is a comprehensive book that states this position well. It is written by the deceased Stanley Grenz, who was a prolific writer and theologian.

Perhaps most interesting in his thesis was the relationship throughout human history between faith viewpoints and the related sexual behavior to that faith viewpoint. His position is that one's views and behavior sexually in some strange way almost always integrated to one's spirituality/relationship with God. In the process, he shows historical basis for "ritual enactment" across cultures, and then points out Scriptures to show that one's sexual behavior is intimately tied to one's worship life. This kind of creeps me out, but it also seems to have a lot of truth to it.

Overall, it was helpful in giving me some perspective about related community issues and struggles our church is having.


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Brownsoul said...

My take is this: if homosexuality is sin, and lying is sin, and fornicating is sin, and so on and so forth, then you should receive all sinners in the same manner. We do not ridicule and ban or make feel unwelcomed in any way, sinners that come into the house of God (or we shouldn't). The church jumps all over homosexuality, but we won't touch fornication with a 10 foot pole. Dance around the subject yes, but guaranteed you won't hear as many Amens on "Keep that dime between your knees until your married" as you will with "God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve." [eye roll]

Interesting stuff, Friar.

Anonymous said...

I should read this.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling a lot more books like this will be coming out more and more often over the next few years.

(that is, of course, not a profound thought on my part. More of an obvious observation).

San Nakji said...

I like Brownsoul's take. More of that from the church I say!

Anonymous said...

Amen to what brownsoul says.