Friday, March 23, 2007


I recently talked to someone who wanted to hear me preach. At first, I thought of referring them to our secretary to get a cd from her. Then I remembered that I could also refer them to the website. In the process, i took the time to listen to and critique my own sermon.

My first thought as I listened to the sermon is that I really need more practice in public speaking because I said the word "ummmm" too often, especially at the beginning of the message.

My second thought was that the sound of my own voice bothers me.

My third thought was that my Senior Pastor's advice to pay more attention to the proper use of diction in my speech makes me sound a lot more competent and intelligent in what I am saying. I would say it makes me sound about 10 IQ points higher with than my usual "awww shucks" way of talking.

The power of proper ennunciation, as well as the appropriate accesorizing of ties with one's wardrobe is something I have been paying a lot of attention to on the television news. Who said television is a waste of time?


Brotha Buck said...

Funny, in younger cultures, they often criticize you for ennunciating too clearly.

Stephen Baker said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the tie but that's just me!!!!

San Nakji said...

Ah, the Friar!

Everyone hates the sound of their own voices. It's a normal thing. I think you can be too critical of yourself sometimes. Don't be so hard!

Brea said...

I don't like hearing my own voice either. Do I really sound like that??? I miss public speaking. I did it a lot in high school and my first 2 years of college. We can all find ways to improve on what we do, but don't forget to praise yourself for the things you do well.

SUPER said...

I hate hearing my own voice back really is like scratching a grates on my nerves that badly! As for the ties...I love a good tie!