Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Purpose Driven Life

At our church we are just finishing up with the Purpose-Driven Life campaign. All in all it has been a very good experience for us. Worship has experienced a renewed vitality, and having our church all on the same page for several weeks has renewed our committment to one another. (This in spite of several challenges that have been set before us).
I just finished the book as well. I was dreading having to read the book and excited about digging into it at the same time. Most of the dread came from the fact that my theological/intellectual bent sees this book as kind of lowbrow and overly programmatic. Overall though, it was an excellent book and program.
I was especially moved today as I thought about the testimony of Rick Warren's dad as he died, and how he had to be restrained from his bed and desprately wanted to get up and find "one more for Jesus". Wow.


'neice said...

After Pastor Rick's dad died one of the worship staff members (not the other Rick...I don't think) wrote a song called "One More for Jesus" and it's a beautiful song.

rubyslipperlady said...

Thanks, again, encourages me to take it off my shelf and actually read it. It's moved up higher on the to read list.