Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For Real?: Tony Kornheiser punished for having a sense of humor

Today Tony Kornheiser was suspended from PTI for two weeks. He was suspended because he made disparaging remarks about Hannah Storm's outfit on Sportscenter.

Now criticizing fashion choices has always been a part of Tony's on-air personality. Often he is the butt of his own jokes about what he wears.

I have read his comments, and I am not sure it is any different than we would hear Joan Rivers say on the TV GUIDE channel. They are certainly not sexist, as Tony often makes fun of what men wear as well.

This another example of how we are losing our freedom of speech to political correctness one special interest group at a time

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Eric L said...

I heard rumblings that they're using the Hannah Storm comments as "cover" and they're really upset at him because he made fun of Chris Berman's weight (and Chris is up for a new contract soon, and they don't want him upset going into negotiations.)
Not sure how true this rummor is but that's what I heard.