Thursday, February 04, 2010

Growth in Faith and Mountain Driving

Every once in a while, especially among pastors and church leaders, there is a discussion that revolves around what a disciple looks like. There are some who believe that growth in Christlikeness is a straight line process. Sometimes a person may grow quicker, and sometimes a person may grow slower. Either way, the "straight-line" person would say true growth in faith is consistent growth in Christlikeness. An example of this would be the model of discipleship put together by Saddleback Church, where there is a baseball metaphor of discipleship. Discipleship is understood as a step by step process.

Others tend to view Christian growth as a more meandering process. There are ups and downs. A person goes in one direction, and then another. Everyone's journey is different. This model of Christian growth is grace-infused and true to many people's individuals experiences. However, it leaves people with very few handles on what Christian growth means, and seems to little to know hope for true spritual transformation.

I tend to think of spiritual growth like a slow ascent up a mountain road. Are you climbing? Yes. But on the road their are plenty of steep ascents, dips, curves and unexpected obstacles. Its is not something you race through to get to the peak. It is something you do to both arrive at your destination and enjoy the ups and downs of the journey toward maturity.

Anyway...just a thought for the day.

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