Friday, March 05, 2010

Cash: American VI: Ain't No Grave

I am listening to the new release of the Johnny Cash album. It is hard to believe it is almost 7 years since we lost Johnny Cash in 2003.
This album, from the Rick Rubin recordings, is typical of the American Records releases. Stipped down of everything but the guitar and the his voice, the music is again hauntingly beautiful and wonderful.
The album really is old school acoustical gospel. Much of the music thinks about and looks toward heaven and death. Some of the songs are recordings of classics, like "Ain't No Grave" or "Cool Water". Others are original to Cash.
"Ain't No Grave" is haunting and beautiful. It is the first release and the title track of the album. The whole album almost allows Cash to speak back to us from death with the hope of eternal life. Good gospel music. Good music. The album ends with with Cash bidding us goodbye by singing "Aloha Oe"
Here is an article about Johnny that was written when upon release of the album.


Stan said...

He was a National Treasure! "Hi, My Name is Johnny Cash", as if the entire world did not know him by voice. Looking forward to hearing the new release.

Rebecca Lynn said...

Hey, I left you an award on my blog for this. And congrats on winning the Amazon Gift Card! :-)