Monday, March 01, 2010

Discussion Questions for Nooma 24: Whirlwind

NOOMA 24: WHIRLWIND by Nooma and Rob Bell: Discussion Questions

Getting Started:

How familiar are you with the book of Job?

What are your feelings about the book of Job? Do you like it? Avoid it?

What are your impressions of Job the person?


Write notes below

(Much of the video quotes Job 38-40:5)

Discussion Questions

Job's story:

What was the first response of Job's friends? (Job 2: 12-13)

How would you feel about this if you were Job?

Job asks God the "Why" question at some point. Is this wrong of him?

Is there a difference between questioning/asking and accusing God?

Does God give Job a clear answer to the question of his suffering?

Does God's answer work for Job? For you?

When you are the person who is suffering:

When it all falls apart, who are the people who would sit w/you?

What sorts of perspectives would they offer?

What do you think would be helpful? Why?

What do you think would not be helpful? Why?

When you are the friend of someone like Job (someone who is suffering):

Do you know someone "sitting in the ashes" right now?

What do you think your response should be?

How would you discern when it is time to speak?

How would you discern when it is time to be silent?

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