Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Brother in the Baby Ward

My daughter was born last week. Because of that fact, we have spent a lot of time at the hospital. I think as far as hospitals go, Parkview hospital is a good hospital. However, the more time I spent at the hospital, the more I got frustrated and angry about all of the control and power I had to give away to the hospital staff and administration. It felt like big brother is running amuck in the halls of our labor and delvery wards.

After our baby was born, my wife and I got to hold her briefly. Then the powers that be took the child away to the hospital nursery. I asked if I could bathe the baby. They told me I was welcome to stay in the room and watch. Are you telling me they could not tell me how my baby needed to be washed? Or they could not have done it in our own room instead of taking her to another room. Ridiculous.

They also had to tell us when we could take our child home. If we did not wait for her to be released to go home we would have been in trouble. We sat in the room and waited for hours for someone to come and let us take OUR BABY home. Crazy! Who is the hospital or the government to force us to fill out paperwork to take our child to our home whenever we see fit.

Then there were the small things. The nurse who changed our child's diaper when we specifically said we wanted to change her ourselves. The insistance that many patients must wear robes, which are supposed to be more hygenic, but really have been worn by several hundred other people before you have worn them.

All the unecessary tests that are run. All of the intrusive control and power they take in your family and with your friends.

Did you know that you can not take pictures of your own child's delivery, or video tape it, at the hospital we were at. Do they know that we chose to come to their hospital? That it is our insurance that puts food on their table? Shouldn't they then give us more power and control in our own family health and development.

All of this really makes me angry. It makes me remember why I still consider myself a conservative. More government does not make things better. It makes a citizenry weaker and with less individual power over their own lives and the lives of friends and family.


Anonymous said...

So true, So true. I see a rebel in you. Your child will need it. Just wait till you are dealing with education. Yep, I was THAT parent who told the principal "my child will NOT be put in speech therapy, because if he lived in New York he would say "car" just like everyone". My list goes on and on of times I told the powers that be their plan doesnt work for my kid. You get mad Clint. Thats how things get changed. Get out there and stick up for your child. Annette

lailani said...

lol! Boy does your post bring back child birth/hospital memories!

Then I worked in the hospital that irritated me so. And most the issues still did/do. On the other hand hospitals are backed into a corner by those wanting everyone else to be held accountable and take no responsibility. What is done out of being safe and protecting a newborn, places the parents that brought this child into the world into an outsider role.

And as Annette said, wait for the educational system. That is a doozy - the thought process amazing. The principal at my son's school responded to my statement "I want him to receive the grade he earns (meaning his failing grades not curved)" was "so are you saying if your son is not successful you won't come back and try to beat me up?" What???? And I have my child in a magnet school to get away from the low standards elsewhere...yup, you are beginning a great journey with many opportunities. And even in the frustration - they are wonderful and you are playing a part in an even bigger picture.