Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uncle Steve Retires

It seems like yesterday that Mom packed us up to Alaska in a Mazda GLC with plans to stay with my Uncle Steve and Aunt Tammy for a month or two during the summer until we got on our feet. She had a job lined up in a frame shop, and hopes of becoming a teacher. Steve, if I remember right, was working on the "Binkley Street Project", which meant that he was turning the heart of Soldotna from gravel roads to paved roads with curbs and sidewalks. Quite an adventure!
That was 23 years ago. This month Steve retired from the city of Soldotna having constructed or reconstructed most of its infrastructure. Starting out in Alaska with next to nothing, he did what many people coming to the last frontier did. He worked hard, made friends, made a life and a reputation for himself through his honesty, integrity and hard work.
I am so thankful that the Clarion honored him with THIS ARTICLE. I hope you will take time to read it.

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lailani said...

May his retirment be filled with plenty of fish and just a few honey do's . ..