Thursday, June 10, 2010

NCAA Conference Realignment

Conference Realignment in the NCAA Division I is happening quickly these days. There are some things that seem to be settled. Those things are:

1. Colorado is becoming a part of the Pac 10 Conference. (Yipee)
2. Nebraska is becoming a part of the Big 10 (makes sense)

As you can see, both teams are from the Big 12 North, which has gotten short shrift in light of the dominance of Oklahoma and Texas in the conference. There move is understandable. Unfortunately, it puts the rest of the Big 12 North (KU, Mizzou, KState, Iowa State) in a lerch regarding being in a BCS Conference. In the Big 12 South, it also puts Baylor in a precarious position.

These leaves several possibilities:

1. The Big 12 going down to 10 teams as it is, moving Ok. State to the North.

2. The Pac 10 superconference

3. The Big 12 pulling in some mid majors like BYU and TCU to keep the conference alive.

4. The Big 12 imploding in a number of directions.

What do you think is going to happen? What teams are going where? Why do you think that?


joven said...

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David Cho said...


I am getting so cynical about this.