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Book review of Xealots by Dave Gibbons

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Book Review of Xealots

Xealots: Defying the Gravity of Normality

By Dave Gibbons

ISBN 978-0-310-32702-8

Published by Zondervan

Dave Gibbons is an innovator, a leader, and an artist. He is also a pastor of a fast-growing, cutting-edge church that is based in Southern California. That church is planting churches in urban areas all around the world.

Dave Gibbons’ latest book, Xealots, is a tour de force on his philosophy of life and leadership. While the focus of what he is saying comes out of his experience of being a ministerial leader, it is useful for anyone wanting to live a life of impact and beauty.

Xealots is divided into two parts. The first part, entitled “mind”, speaks to attitudes and mindsets that Gibbons believes are essential to producing the kind of wisdom and character that form effective leaders for the future. The second section is entitled “movement”, and this section shares about some basic habits to form as a Christian leader. They include obedience, being open and receptive to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, and giving and receiving blessings.

 Dave Gibbons

This book has some good ideas, but reading it is more than an instruction manual, or a book with a few helpful thoughts. Reading Xealots is an inspirational experience. I was especially moved by the chapters “Scars” and “Becoming a Father”. “Scars” speaks to the transformational power of heartache and pain, and how experiencing these challenges empower leaders to develop deeper faith and form a ministry with greater power and impact. “Becoming a Father” is about our need to be blessed by those in authority over us and by those who have influence upon us. It goes on to challenge leaders to not only seek blessings from others, but to be aware of opportunities to offer approval and blessing to others.

Xealots is a joy to read. It has the ability to challenge and inspire those who read it to be all they can for God and for others. It touched my heart. I know it will do the same for others.

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